We’re Number 1! (By One Definition, Anyway!)

We improved! We really did! A lot!!

The 2012 Field Day results are now available on the ARRL website.  The December QST magazine has them as well.

Our club station, W4ATD, recorded 2,058 total CW, phone, and digital contacts, earning a score of 6,196 points (including the bonus points).  How did we do?

  • W4ATD was #183 out of 2,617 total entries received.
  • W4ATD was #47 out of 408 total entries in class 2A
  • W4ATD was #16 out of 203 total entries from the Southeast Division
  • W4ATD was #5 out of 35 entries in class 2A from the Southeastern Division
  • W4ATD was #2 out of 34 total entries from Alabama
  • W4ATD was #1 out of 5 entries in class 2A from Alabama.

Did you notice that last entry?  We were the BEST class 2A station in the state of Alabama. And we were the 2nd best of ALL stations in our state.

We’ve shown a lot of progress in the last few years!
Now we think about next year.  June 22rd and 23th, 2013.  Plan to be there!  Plan to participate!  Plan to SCORE!  AGAIN!!!!!

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