More Face Time for W4RFZ

Lloyd Barnette – W4RFZ is certainly getting a lot of publicity!  First he showed up in CQ Magazine last year after Field Day.  Then he appeared in the CQ 2011 calendar.  Then he got his photo on the cover of the July 2011 CQ Magazine with mention in an article inside.

Today (September 22, 2011) he appeared in a feature article in the Decatur Daily.

See for yourself:,85345

There’s a good photo in the paper of the QSL card he received from JY1, the late King Hussein of Jordan.  There are also photos of his “Tuna Tin” transmitter and his sardine can receiver.  And don’t forget the intriguing photo of his “telegraph key”.  Unfortunately those photos don’t appear in the online article.

The radio club gets a mention, too.  We’re always glad for free publicity!

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