Field Day 2018 Scoring Submitted

I’ve finally finished and submitted the scoring for the Decatur Amateur Radio Club’s 65th Field Day last month. Here’s how it looks:

Number of participants:  30

CW contacts:                37
Digital contacts:          82
Phone contacts:         477

QSO points:

37 x 2 =          74
82 X 2 =        164
477 x 1 =        477

Total QSO points =     715

Power multiplier:      150 watts or less = QSO’s x 2

Claimed QSO score =                     1,430

Bonus points:

200 points – 100% Emergency power
100 points – Media Publicity
100 points – Set-up in Public Place
100 points – Information Table
100 points – W1AW message
100 points – Natural Power QSO’s Completed
100 points – Site Visit by Invited Elected Official
100 points – Social media (Facebook)
60 points – GOTA bonus
50 points – Online entry form submission

Total bonus points =                        1,010

Total submitted score:       2,440 points
            (638 points MORE than last year’s 1,802)

I think a 30% increase is a good thing! Some of that was due to the 82 digital contacts (thanks Mike KD4TGC!) and the 37 CW contacts we made (thanks Bill WB8ELK!).

So now it’s time to mark your calendar for next year! Field Day 2019 will be on June 22nd and 23rd, 2019. Make plans to come help us and improve the score again!

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July Meeting Canceled

The regular monthly meeting of the Decatur Amateur Radio Club has been canceled for July.

Spend time with your family and celebrate our country’s independence this week.

And plan to attend the August meeting at the courthouse.

See you then!

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