DARC March Eating Meeting and Business

The March 2018 meeting of the Decatur Amateur Radio Club will be held at Libby’s Catfish and Diner at 6:00 on Tuesday evening, March 6th, at 6:00. Libby’s is located on Highway 67 in Priceville on the east of I-65.  Just follow Highway 67 until you get to the top of Priceville Mountain.  Libby’s is on the right.

Those who have paid their dues and are full members for 2018 are asked to attend to vote on an amendment to the club’s By-laws.

The April meeting will be held at the Morgan County Courthouse as regularly scheduled.

Come greet, eat, and meet with us on Tuesday!

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DARC 2018 Christmas Dinner Meeting

Greetings and Merry Christmas with all of the trimmings!

December has finally come upon us,  and as is our custom, we will forego the normal business meeting and assemble for our annual Christmas dinner at 6:00 on Tuesday, December 5th. We will meet atop Priceville Mountain at Libby’s Catfish and Diner on Highway 67. It’s easy to find if you’ve never been there. Just take Highway 67 out of Decatur, go to the top of the highest hill after it turns into a 2-lane road, and Libby’s will be on the right. Keep your eyes (and nose!) open and you won’t miss it.

See you then!

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DARC Officers for 2018

At November’s business meeting the club reelected three of the current 2017 officers for 2018.  They will continue serving at the January club meeting. The club elected a new vice-president.

The officers for 2018 are:

President – Craig McClure KJ4LAA

Vice-President – Mike Findlay KD4TGC

Secretary – Richard Matthews KB4CAY

Treasurer – Lester Christophe W5GSU

2017 was a good year of growth for our club. We’re anticipating that 2018 will be even better!

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ARRL Field Day 2017 Official Results

The Field Day 2017 results have been posted on the ARRL website.  They are also printed in the December issue of QST magazine.

Our club’s standing fell considerably this year.  But we made an effort, and we had fun!

Here’s the breakdown of the results:

– Out of 2,964 entries overall, W4ATD was #1016 (#673 last year).

– Out of 232 entries in the SE Division, W4ATD was #85 (#68 last year).

– Out of 41 entries in the AL Section, W4ATD was #14 (#14 last year).

– Out of 389 Class 2A entries overall, W4ATD was #211 (#139 last year).

– Out of 31 Class 2A entries in the SE Division, W4ATD was #16 (#12 last year).

– Out of 8 Class 2A entries in the AL Section, W4ATD was #5 (#4 last year).

We did not do as well as hoped, due to lack of participation. We declined everywhere except one place, where we stayed #14.

HOWEVER . . . .

We’re going to be better next year! Field Day 2018 will be June 23th and 24th! Make plans to be there and help out!

The Field Day results database can be found at:


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DARC To Assist Boy Scouts

The 60th Boy Scout Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) will be held October 20-23, 2017.

JOTA 2017 patch_3
The Decatur Amateur Radio Club will have stations set up at Veteran’s Park in Priceville just off of Highway 67.

Lots of thanks to Mike Findlay KD4TGC for his efforts to set up and coordinate all of this.

Come out and help some young folks get interested in ham radio!

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Amateur Radio License Testing Available

The Decatur Amateur Radio Club has some GREAT NEWS!

We are now able to offer license testing. We are approaching this a bit differently, however.

Instead of a fixed schedule for testing, we are offering testing by appointment. Now we can serve you at YOUR schedule and not force you into ours.

If you’re interested in scheduling a test for a license or an upgrade, please e-mail darcvehamtest@gmail.com and Steve – KD2JSW will get back to you and set things up.

And get on the air!

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Field Day 2017 Scoring Summary

The scores have been compiled and submitted for the DARC 64th Field Day activity.

Well, at least we had fun!

This was NOT a good year. There were some good things that happened, but the number of contacts we made was NOT one of them.

Here’s the breakdown of the scoring:

  • CW contacts:             0
  • Digital contacts:        0
  • Phone contacts:       396 (includes 89 GOTA SSB contacts)

Notice that ugly number “0” next to the digital and CW contacts. We had NONE this year. Each of those types count 2 points each, so all of the contacts we made were only a single point each.

We multiply the number of contacts by 2 because of the transmitter power that we used, so that makes our total QSO score to be 792.

On the bright side, we were able to gather 1,010 bonus points. But to have more bonus points that contact points is NOT the way Field Day is supposed to work!

The total submitted score for this year is 1,802. That’s 614 points LESS than last year’s score.

A couple of additional notes:

  • We had NO CW or digital contacts AT ALL this year. NONE.
  • We had 40 fewer phone contacts on the main stations than last year.
  • We had 89 phone contacts on the GOTA station this year.
  • We get 60 bonus points because 1 operator of the GOTA station got 60+ contacts.
  • We got 100 media publicity points this year. The Decatur Daily had a calendar announcement and sent photographers.
  • We were visited by an agency official: Eddie Hicks, EMA Director. 100 points.
  • We were visited by a government official: Decatur mayor Tab Bowling. 100 points.
  • We get a 100 point social media bonus. We now have a CLUB Facebook page.
  • Bob WA4ZZW copied the W1AW Field Day message via PSK31. That gives us an additional 100 points.

So now we wait for the official posting of scores.

And we start preparing for next year: Field Day 2018 is June 23rd and 24th!

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DARC July Meeting Cancelled

Please note that the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the club will NOT happen on the 1st Tuesday of July.

Since the 1st Tuesday is the 4th of July, most of us would rather spend time with family, food, and fireworks. So the normal meeting has been cancelled.

If you’d like to attend one if our meetings, please come to the Morgan County Courthouse on Tuesday, August 1st.

And enjoy the holiday!

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Field Day Photos

Field Day 2017 is over. And it’s a good thing, looking at these two trying to set up and operate a 6-meter station.2017-06-26 20.34.46

The Decatur Amateur Radio Club now has a page on Facebook. Some Field Day photos have already been posted. Stop by and “like” our page! Just search for the club name or for W4ATD.

Thanks to all who helped out with the Field Day effort! The scores are being tallied (it won’t take long – they’re rather low this year) and things are put away until next year.

You are planning on next year, right? June 23rd and 24th, 2018. Be there!

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It’s Field Day 2017!



The Decatur Amateur Radio Club will participate in its 64th consecutive Field Day contest on Saturday and Sunday, June 24th and 25th. We have once again reserved the picnic shelter behind the main stage at Point Mallard Park in Decatur. We will be monitoring the 147.00 repeater so we can answer questions or give directions.

We will begin the setup between 8:00 and 9:00 on Saturday morning and begin radio operations at 1:00. For the following 24 hours we will attempt to contact as many stations as possible using up to 4 radio stations. Then on Sunday afternoon we will take everything apart and celebrate a fun outing.

Come out and help us, visit with us, or even use one of the radios for a short while. We’d love the company!

See you at Field Day!!

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